Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Ride

Joe has his first ride on Hammer on Sunday...well it was more of a 'sit' really. We need to find a better fitting saddle before we attempt to do too much. And without finding Joe a suitable helmet yet, we felt it was too much risk to do more that a bit of a walk around the paddock.

Hammer behaved perfectly, especially considering the new grass, and 2 weeks off! They seem to be forming a bond very quickly, with Joe already able to cover/uncover, groom, pick out feet, lead, back up etc, with only a couple of visits, and Sunday being his first time handling him properly.

Hopefully next weekend brings us more luck with saddles/helmets!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hammer arrived with us on Sunday 21st September. He was a bit hesitant at getting on a new float, he has obviously hit his head loading previously and was wary. Once he was in, he stood quietly, and didn't move the entire journey from Whangarei Falls to Dairy Flat. After not seeing him for a week he once again looked HUGE but was very quiet and easy to handle, even after unloading. He settled quickly into his paddock, with new paddock mate, Donna. Joe met Hammer on Monday, and Hammer stood quietly in the paddock for Joe to do a cover change. Hammer has now had a week to settle in, and his first ride is planned for Saturday, and Joe's first ride on him will be on Sunday.

Hammer meeting Donna ------------------>

Grindy is feeling the spring grass. We are hoping the energy and impulsion she showed on Sunday will return when she is fully in work, (minus the bucking!) and have upped the toxin binders in the meantime to try bring her back into work slowly with lots of its meant to be! Her weight appears to be improving after the hard winter, although her oil and barley has been cut back after her bit of fooling around since changing her paddock!

Grindy watching Hammer-------------->