Monday, October 20, 2008

Long time no post....

Brief update, and will try get some pics this weekend!!

Things are ticking along nicely, Hammer was a wee bit sore on a hind leg a couple of weeks ago after being a clown in the paddock, but was fine after a days rest.

Our lovely crew memeber, Helen, has found a wintec 500 for Joe to use until we find a saddle to purchase. It suits them both very well so we will be on the look out for an 18" one for Joe at some stage soon. Joe and Hammer had their first off-the-lunge ride on Sunday just gone (19th). Having 2 days riding in a row did wonders for them both, rather that just the weekly rides Joe was managing before we had the lighter evenings.

Both Hammer and Grindy have put on alot of wieght and are looking awesome. Hammer is starting to look a very big, impressive boy, and not so much the lanky, gangly TB look he used to have.

Grindy is coming back into work nicely, and is very enthusiastic and willing. We seem to have worked out a good feed combination, which is giving her the energy to carry herself, without blowing her head.

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