Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Long awaited update

Grindy - I am very happy with Grindy after her break over winter. I expected her to have gone quite a few steps backwards, and to have alot of work to do, to get back to where we were after HOY. But she is really stepping up to the mark. We still have a wee way to go in her fitness level to have her comfortably carrying herself, and her extensions are lacking the elevation we acheived right before HOY (i am literally talking about getting this in my warm up with Bill prior to my 2nd HOY test!) She is looking awesome, we seem to have finally sorted out her weight too.
The only negative i have, is that i turned up on Monday to find her legs bleeding after she obviously had another of her falls. So she is back in her paddock boots for the time being!

Hammer - Is having a wee rest after beign affected by the toxins. His head is far too massive for him to be bolshy and jumpy. Poor Joe copped it a few times with a good whack! But we have restricted his grass (he was getting a bit chubby anyway!) and started him on a toxin binder and chelated mag. Busy week this week means I have to focus on just keeping Grindy ticking over..but next week we will pull Hamm out and get him up and going again!

Cossack - is back with us, and i willupdate on him soon!

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