Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bringing the boys back in

Hammer & Cossack: we seem to have the toxins under control, with boys boys being like little old men pottering around their paddocks. So time to bring them back into work and make them earn their keep! Helen and I are going to lunge them, judge their attitudes, and probably just jump on! (if i know both the boys like i think i do, they will be cruisy as and happy to have the attention!). Following on from that I have been approached by a girl who is interested in lunging/riding Cossack a few times a week to get her 'horsey-fix' which will help me immensely while I have competitions looming!

Joe is going to start following the Andrew McLean book, to get a bit of insight into the training of a horse. I believe if we start off right and get the ground work sorted first...they will be away!

Grindy: I am struggling for time to get good decent rides in at the moment, but am managing to keep things ticking over! I am hoping to get down to Bill for a few lessons before I head out to try and qualify. She appears to have had a few more falls in the paddock, but she is booted full time now so that seems to stop most of the damage. She is holding her weight just perfectly and looking stunning! Can't wait to get her out there doing something!

HOY: Qualifications have gotten alot stricter for many of the classes, however my dressage quals appear to be the same as last year....57% in a Level 5 Zilco Freestyle. If we achieved it last year before our breakthrough, i am confident we can achieve it this year! Looks like i have a test on Wed, Thurs and Fri. Have found out the grazing that I usually keep Grindy at over HOY is not available this year, so am on the hunt again...have a few leads to follow up so here's hoping!

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