Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saturday's Ride

The Boys: as i expected, both boys were absolute angels. We lunged them for 5 mins with no worries, so jumped on board and did lots of walk-halt-walk transitions, bending etc. Cossack really has grown into himself, and his trot is looking super. He doesn't rush and works well off the leg coming nicely round and soft although we need to work on consistency. Hammer seems to be carrying his head lower, which to me means he is a heap more relaxed! There was alot less resisting and both boys looked very happy to have the attention!

It was far to hot after riding the boys, so i went back in the afternoon to ride Grindy, and brought Joe for a play with Hammer. Grindy was good, as per usual...but i realised i haven't been sitting straight..I tend to put my weight to the outside especially in canter, which isn't helping me with straightening her! It felt extremely odd to sit my seat more to the inside, but as with most position changes while riding, I know I will adjust if i keep at it. She was going lovely and straight by the end of our session, very light in the contact and carrying herself which is something we have struggled with!

Joe learnt how to lunge Hammer (eventually....Hammer wasn't giving anything away that afternoon!!) and then jumped on and Hammer was excellent. Joe has found the ground work he has been doing with Hamm is giving him more tools to use when on board. So we shall keep doing alot of ground work to keep them moving forwards!

Grindy and I are on the waiting list for Auckland Manukau Dressage Festival on the 13th December, so here's hoping we get in. And we are looking at starting up our weekly lessons with Bill again, from the 10th Dec...exciting!

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