Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cossack Update

Cossack is SUCH a star! Bringing him back into work has been proving rather difficult due to my own time restraints with work, and schooling Grindy. I have been inundated with offers from people wanting to ride him! I am usually not very keen on people riding my horses as I like them to have consistant schooling..but i thought, while i am unable to give Coss regular rides i should take up some of the offers. I had a friend who hadn't been on a horse for 4 years, come out on Friday to play with the horses and she hopped on Coss. This was only his second ride after a few months off, and he was just a perfect wee gentleman. It is going to be very hard to part with this wee man in the future! He did about half an hour of walk and trot in the arena, then we went for a ride around the paddocks where he happily followed Grindy on long rein!

On Sunday I had a 14 year old come out and hop on him, and again he behaved perfectly, even when the rider hopped on with the girth too loose and the saddle ended up sitting on him sideways with rider onboard!! The girl is slightly nervous, though she does have some experience and Cossack just took it all in his stride. His trot is so much more balanced than when i first got him, although his canter will need a bit of work.

Not alot else to report...Grindy is ticking along nicely, I have a lesson booked with Bill on Wednesday which i am really looking forward to. And still waiting to hear if i got my late entries through for dressage at Clevedon on Saturday!

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