Sunday, December 28, 2008

We Qualified!

Woohoo...i got my wish for an early qualification, which takes the pressure off! We can now concentrate on training. I was pleased with our scores for our first outing of the season, we came home with 5th in the 5.2 with 59.5% and scored 59.2% in the freestyle.
Silly me forgot my spurs, so there was a definate lack of impulsion, which wasn't helped by the heat! I stuffed up my pirouettes in the 5.2, and ended up with 4's, which let me down hugely considering it had a co-efficient mark. Am looking forward to the next outing, and having a wee play in some level 6 tests.

Cossack as usual is being a little star. He is having a range of riders come and hop on him, and he looks after them all so well! Yesterday we had Joe's sister come have a ride, she has had a brief lead around on him a few weeks ago, and also hopped on hammer for a walk on lead last weekend. Yesterday she was trotting on the lunge, and then had a potter around the arena for about 15 mins off the lead. ( he does tend to just try and follow Hammer around though!)I decided to have a play with him over the dreaded poles yesterday. I was very impressed with how hard he tries. It is very obvious that he is scared (I would love to find out what happened to him!) but he is very trusting and i had him lunging over them with little issue, after about 5 minutes. I am hoping to build his trust enough that he starts enjoying it and i can then try while riding him. He is alot braver when he has a person leading him!

Hammer and Joe are doing exceptionally well. Joe is having bursts of trotting off the lunge now ( he is a hard one to learn to trot on, as he is still quite unbalanced) and Hammer seems to have realised Joe is boss now, and he is SO much calmer for it. I have jumped on him bareback twice to ride him back to his paddock and he is an angel :)

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